In 2023, WebSoundArt launched an Open Call. On this page, you can find the artworks from the two selected artists.

Tansy Xiao
Here's the Information We Collect

Link in WSA collection

The online version of Here's the Information We Collect is a web-based speech recognition project tailored to respond to selected privacy policy on major social media platforms. The audience members are invited to engage with the work by speaking into a microphone. Their words will be processed by a pre-coded speech recognition program to match the key words to specific sonic elements performed by professional vocalists, creating a dynamic and evolving musical score in real-time. The project employs the privacy policy of a particular cyber enterprise as an entry point to explore the implications of our online data and the tension between privacy, surveillance, and the free flow of information in the digital age. It also calls attention to tech corporations' collection and capitalization of user data behind the scenes as a form of digital colonialism.

Tansy's website

Bilawa Ade Respati
Tirai (Curtain)

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Tirai (Curtain) is a web visual novel and sound installation, conceived as a digital memorial site. The reader will follow fragments of three stories that are set against the backdrop of the Japanese Occupation in Indonesia (1942-1945): a Japanese student pilot that is ordered to do a suicide mission, a Dutch woman who sings in a choir inside a concentration camp, and an Indonesian poet that is torn between his artistic expression and the hardship of a wartime. What will we reveal as we follow their stories behind the “curtain” of a historical stage, performing in one period of humanity’s tragic play?

Bilawa's website