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Proposals for Web-Based Sound Art


WebSoundArt is looking for musicians, composers, sound artists, programmers who want to create a sonic artwork for the browser. We accept both individual and group applications.

What are we looking for?

  • You are a composer, sound artist, musician, improviser, or a music/sound maker in any other way
  • You are interested in (inter)net art
  • You have a basis in (web) programming or are eager to learn
  • You have an idea for a sonic artwork on the internet that you would like to develop
  • Communicating in English is not a problem for you

Looking for collaborators?

On WebSoundArt's Discord Server, you can introduce yourself and find artists or programmers to collaborate with.

What is WebSoundArt?

WebSoundArt is a platform for the reflection on and development of web-based sound art. From May 2023 until April 2024, the platform launches 2 blog articles every month, holds 10 workshops and will guide two chosen artists in the creation of a sonic artwork for the browser.

What we offer:

  • A fee of €1.000,00 per chosen artist/collective
  • Guidance through mentor sessions with a net artist, a composer, and a programmer
  • A friendly and open-minded platform to present yourself and your work

The coaches are:

What we expect from you:

  • You will develop your concept into a working sonic artwork for the internet which will be ready by the 10th of April 2024
  • You will hold a 20 to 30-minute presentation about your work and its development at the final online WebSoundArt festival on the 13th of April 2024
  • You will keep in touch with the platform’s organizer and the mentors on a regular basis about your process
  • You will openly communicate in case of problems

The jury

The jury consists of the above-mentioned coaches. In September 2023, they will evaluate the applications on the basis of the following three criteria:

  1. The quality of the artistic concept
  2. The feasibility of the idea, both time- and technical-wise
  3. The resumes and biographies of the participating artists/programmers and their skills in developing the proposed idea

From the call, the jury will select 2 proposals that will be supported.

How to apply:

Apply by 31-08-2023 23:59 CET by sending the following material to

  1. A proposal for the development of a sonic artwork on the internet. The proposal must contain:
    • Textual description of the envisioned artistic idea (ca. 850 words)
    • Brief explanation of the technical conception of the artistic idea (ca. 500 words)
    • A time schedule for the realization of the proposal.
      The timeframe for development is 03-10-2023 until 10-04-2024.
  2. A CV and biography of the involved artists/programmers (2 A4 pages per involved individual)
  3. Additionally, the proposal can also contain:
    • Sketches, audio fragments, plans, code, visuals, … of the imagined artistic project

The applicants will be informed by the jury’s decision on 01-10-2023. The results will be published on WebSoundArt’s website on 03-10-2023. We ask you to refrain from publishing the results publicly before that date.