is a platform and community for the reflection on and development of web-based sound art.

Open Call

In 2023, WebSoundArt launched a call for proposals for new web-based sound art. Two applicants were chosen and received financial support and individual guidance by 3 different mentors. They will present their works on the upcoming festival.


On WebSoundArt's blog, an international community of sound artists and programmers reflect on web-based sound art from different perspectives.

A tutorial series teaches you how to program sound art on the web. The tutorials are written specifically for sound makers with little to no programming knowledge.


Throughout 2023 and 2024, WebSoundArt will organize 4 workshops. The workshops are online and can be followed from anywhere. The only prerequisites are a computer, a stable internet connection and a Zoom account.

Another 6 workshops are held in collaboration with BrowserSound. Check out their website for more information.


We are building an online collection of recent web-based sound art. The collection is expanded regularly. In case you have a work you would like to add to the collection, contact us via mail.


WebSoundArt is an initiative by composer Eveline Vervliet. She is assisted by an international group of composers, musicians, artists and programmers.

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